Should I Move or Remodel? – The Ultimate Checklist

Deciding between moving and remodeling is a major choice for many homeowners. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, and the “right” choice varies by individual. Below, we’ve compiled the ultimate checklist to help you navigate this important decision.

1. Assess Your Emotional Connection

Your attachment to your home and neighborhood plays a crucial role in this decision. After all, the emotional ties you have with your home can often outweigh monetary considerations.

  • Community Ties: Are you deeply connected to your community, friends, and perhaps even your local coffee shop?
  • Home Sentiment: Does your home have sentimental value that makes the idea of leaving it disheartening?

2. Evaluate Current Space

Take an honest look at your existing home to understand its limitations and possibilities.

  • Size: Is your home too small or perhaps too large?
  • Layout: Are there issues with the layout that hinder functionality?

3. Financial Considerations

This decision will significantly impact your finances, so make a detailed financial assessment.

  • Moving Costs: Remember, it’s not just the price of the new home but also realtor fees, closing costs, and moving expenses.
  • Remodeling Budget: Get quotes for the planned remodeling work and factor in a buffer for unexpected costs.

4. Consider Future Needs

Think about what you will need in the years to come.

  • Growing Family: If you’re planning to expand your family, does your current home have space?
  • Aging in Place: If you plan to spend your retirement years in your home, does it have features that will make this feasible?

5. Market Analysis

Understanding the real estate market can offer insight into the smartest investment.

  • Home Value: What is your home’s current market value, and how will remodeling affect this?
  • Area Trends: Is your current neighborhood appreciating in value or declining?

6. Time and Convenience

Both moving and remodeling come with a commitment of time and effort.

  • Timeline for Moving: Searching for a home, closing the deal, and moving can be a lengthy process.
  • Construction Phase: Remodeling may mean living in a construction zone for an extended period.

“Your time is a valuable asset. Consider how each option will impact your daily life.” – Smithway Home Solutions Insight

7. Professional Consultation

Engage professionals for a well-rounded view.

  • Real Estate Agent: Consult an agent to understand what you could get for your budget.
  • Architect or Contractor: Speak to a professional to know the limitations and possibilities of remodeling your current home.


The decision to move or remodel is complex, involving both emotional and practical considerations. Use this checklist from Smithway Home Solutions to guide your decision-making process. Whichever path you choose, we’re here to make your home vision a reality in Jacksonville.

Stuck in the ‘Move or Remodel’ dilemma? Consult with Smithway Home Solutions for professional advice tailored to your unique situation.